Term and Conditions

We don't like anything nasty, so: No offensive, illegal, pornographic, MP3's, warez, Country and Western music, and certainly no Phil Collins music files! Any offenders will be reported to your nearest police authority, or in the case of Country and Western fans, the nearest mental institution, yeehaw!

If any law enforcement authority, from any genuine democratic country, approach us for any reason we will co-operate fully without any requirement for court orders, etc. If you're a happy fluffy person that shouldn't worry you, if you're not, clear 'orf!

Files are avaiable for about 48 hours, give or take a day, hey we're in BETA we can do what we like! ;)

We guarantee nothing, like we mentioned above, we're in BETA, and it's so stress free being in BETA, we might just stay that way forever!

We can change these T&Cs anytime, without warning, so there.